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Friday, April 29, 2011

Reduced Aggression in Multi-Cat Household: Suzi's Good News

Suzi & Her Brother, Koko
Dear Greyce,

I haven't written for a long time. (See most recent entry: Suzi is Stressed 6/27/10) But I just wanted to tell you how are things with me, Sissi and our foster cat Jack. You remember how they both made my life so miserable that I was reduced to hiding on top of the kitchen cupboards all day? Even if I tried to use the litter box they would jump me! Well the situation has changed for the better.

Finally with all of Herself's work, Sissi changed her attitude towards me. We are not best friends for sure but we eat next to each other on the counter without hissing.

I wish I could say the same for Jack. Even though he attacks me less, I am not confident enough when I know he is out there somewhere. So Herself confines him to the bedroom for a few  hours in the evening and I can really relax.

We are still hoping that he will get adopted.

Meanwhile, we are now sharing our space with a dog, Arven who is a very calm and likes cats. Herself followed your advice on cat-dog introductions and all is well. We rarely pay attention to each other, which is fine with me.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Your friend,

Dear Suzi,
It is so lovely to hear such good news from you. Your life has become so much better.

It is difficult when you live in the home of someone who rescues animals. Your Herself's heart is so big and the need is so great that sometimes, the sheer number of animals in a home and their catsonalities can put stress on the whole household.

It sounds like things have settled for the better - even if you live with a dog now!

As for Jack: he is still a young guy and with his problems, it may take time to find the proper home for him. I will purr my wishes to him for a safe and loving new home.

In the meantime, purrs of good wishes to all of you,


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