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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Tribute to Molly

Dear Readers: While this blog is restricted to dealing with feline behaviour, there comes a time when an entry must be the exception to the rule. Filou, one of my devoted readers requested some space on this special day to say something that is on his mind. And I purred, 'yes!'

So here is Filou's contribution:

I had the privilege of a marvelous cat companion after years of living as a lone and much-pampered cat. My purrson tended to my every need. We had a good thing going.

Molly, before I knew her

I didn’t know it could get any better. And then along came Molly.

I knew Molly was arriving, of course. Herself had had a talk with me – about a cat who had lived with her purrson all 10 years of her life. And how she now needed to move out.

I did my best to welcome the frightened creature who crossed our threshold. It was rough going.

She bolted from the bedroom (which was set up as her safe space) and refused to budge from under the dining room chair. She hissed at me! And she was miserable.

Beside myself with worry, I contacted you, Greyce, soon after she arrived. We followed your advice and slowly, she started to blossom. She became good company for me. And we often enjoyed dining together.

A quiet dinner together
It took about eight months before she fully came into her own: a chatterbox who would race me to the front door when Herself came home.

What can I say Greyce? She wrapped her paws around our hearts!

We were so happy that we didn't even notice that dark clouds were gathering over our lives. In November, I became anxious and started to pick on Molly. This was out of character for me and puzzling to Herself. And Molly – who loved all sorts of snacks – started to become a more and more picky eater.

She went to the vet – a nasty, aggressive mouth cancer has invaded her body.

Just before Xmas, Molly died.

As you can imagine, it was NOT a wonderful Xmas for the rest of us. We were in shock. And we missed her greatly. We miss her still.

Valentine’s Day is a time when you tell those you love, that you love them very much. So I wanted to take the opportunity to tell Molly that I love her.

Molly, we are grateful for the privilege of having known you.

May You Rest in the Arms of The Eternal One,
Knowing That We Will Love You Forever.

With love, Filou

Greyce's Note: Interested readers can delve into Molly and Filou's history by entering Filou's name into the search box on the right.

Molly, we are glad that we could offer you shelter when you needed a home.

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