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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bear the Cat Pees on the Bed and More!

Dear Greyce,

I have been very busy peeing on the bed. And I’m doing a very good job of it.

I started as soon as Themselves moved their old, never-been-peed-on-before bed into the room I share with my sister, Bailey. By the way, they got a new bed for themselves.

Themselves used Feliway spray on both beds. That plastic tarp that usually resides over the bed in our room (to catch my pee in case I feel so inclined) was cleaned and put down on the new arrival. And we had great play sessions both before and after the bed arrived.

All was well until the next morning when the results of my pee fest were apparent – all the way across the top of the bed. There were even streams of pee starting about 6” or more above the bed and running down the wall.

Of course you remember that I am a veteran pee-er: on the stove top and on the old bed from our room (since removed) and a few other places from time to time. In the past three months, I’ve peed twice (on the bed) in November, four times in December (plus a small bit on the stove top). In January I avoided the bedroom as a pee spot and chose the stove top, Himself’s mouse pad on His desk, and the front hallway (once each).

Other than that, there has been nothing very eventful except that my asthma problems have been on the increase.

Himself is VERY frustrated with my behaviour. And I’m somewhat puzzled as well. Can you explain what is happening and especially what we should do about it?



Dearest Bear and Veteran Pee-er,

You, my dear, are just a peeing kind of guy.

You are not a resilient cat. And that means when changes happen in your territory, you mark with urine. That’s just the way it is. It could be the influx of guests, the change in activity around the holiday season, the sighting of a particularly obnoxious cat outside, or even problems with your asthma. Or it could be some kind of subtle cue of which Themselves are not even aware. Whatever. That is just the way you are.

Other cats of your kind (i.e., non-resilient) might become irritable, or stop eating, or start to pluck their fur. Instead, you pee around. When something goes ‘off’ in your world, your first response is to squat and leave a drop or two or more. That is what is known as non-spray marking.

But now you’ve graduated to the big time – spraying the wall! And I think that is just a reaction to the changes in the room: Out with your previous bed and in with a new one, but wait – it’s an old one but has switched rooms! I’m sure you are wondering what is going on.

Here is what I advise:

1. If it isn’t there already (from your previous peeing problems), re-install a litter box in your room so you have an acceptable alternative. Put it near the bed but not on the bed.

2. Since you are a veteran pee-er, the Feliway people advise that you install a diffuser in your room PLUS use the spray. Apply the spray daily on the wall (and for good measure, on the tarp) for one month. Use the diffuser 24/7 (all day and all night) for 30 days. While you should notice improvement shortly (within two weeks) DO NOT STOP using the diffuser and spray. Go the full month. In some cases, you may even have to go longer (but let’s not go there for now).

3. Things you MUST remember about Feliway:

Clean soiled areas with an odourless solution – like water, club soda or surgical alcohol. DO NOT clean the walls with anything else; products such as bleach, ammonia, strong-smelling disinfectants, biological washing powder, detergents or deodorizers will interfere with Feliway’s ability to work for you.

4. Things you MUST remember about Feliway SPRAY:

Makesure the area on which you are using the spray is DRY BEFORE you spray the Feliway.


STAY OUT OF THE ROOM FOR ABOUT 15 MINUTES to allow the alcohol in the Feliway to evaporate.

5. Things you MUST remember about the Feliway diffuser. Put it into an electrical socket (right side up) after you make sure the top is securely fastened. Choose a socket that is UNOBSTRUCTED by curtains, doors or furniture (because you want the stuff to freely waft through the whole area), beside its oil could mark the item it obstructs.

6. WITH BOTH PRODUCTS. MAKE SURE the Feliway you have (in both the diffuser and the spray) has NOT EXPIRED. Herself found out the hard way that this is one product where the expiry date really means something. Simply put: If it is out-of-date it will not work.

While this may sound perverse to your people, I am actually happy that you are spraying because Feliway is specifically designed to deal with spray problems. And is can be VERY effective and long-lasting!

7. Have Herself continue to keep a record of your peeing incidents. They should go down considerably within two weeks, but do make sure to use both products for a full month (30 days). You, my dear, may have to go a bit longer (but let's not go there just now).

One last bit of advice: Buy Himself a very good bottle of wine (or whatever he prefurs) and encourage him to put his feet up, take several deep breaths and sip. Purrhaps you could even splurge on an appetizer or two: thin slivers of prosciutto, the cheese of his desires, and some hand-made flatbread are what I would recommend.

And don’t forget to purr.


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