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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shy Cat Starts to Swat More Assertive Cat Companion

Hi Greyce,
I've been filled with so many questions that you have taken many blog entries to reply.

One last item: My shyer companion, Skeeter, has on occasion taken a swipe at me (like I sometimes do to him) for no provoked reason. Is this a sign that there a battle to come? 

We still get along quite well, though when I am having a bad day or start to hiss at him, he does avoid me.


Dear Mr. Full-of-Questions Dash,

I know that Skeeter also joined your household with you - from the same shelter, at the same time. He was chosen as your companion because of his less assertive, more quiet ways. And it does sound to me like the two of you are getting along well.

However here is what I think MAY be happening.

You are a special needs cats and require a lot of special consideration. Themselves have been bending over backwards in order to make things comfortable for you. Skeeter is a much easier-to-care-for cat - from a human point of view.

Might it be that he is getting less of a workout that you are? And then his arousal levels might rise and he feels the needs to vent - just a little?

The appropriate solution could include a bit more interactive play time and human attention for Skeeter; and possibly some alone time or time away from you for a bit of a breather.

If you can answer these questions, I might be able to provide better advice:
1) When he swats, does he keep his claws in?
2) Is there a particular part of your body he aims for?
3) How often does this happen? Any particular time of day? Any particular place in the house?
4) Does he come after you, or just swat when you happen to be passing by?

I look forward to hearing from you,

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