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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tiggy & Nala: More Progress

Dear Greyce,

We were so pleased to be featured recently that we wanted to give you another update. (Note: Tiggy and Nala were just featured - check the entry just before this one).

We put in a big screen door in the bedroom hallway yesterday. It goes all the way to the ceiling since I like to climb it. Themselves only have the bedroom door open while they are home and only for small periods of time - so Tiggy doesn't feel hunted. Both us cats watch each other but neither of us are running away or hissing. I even leave for quite a while, so Tiggy can have some privacy.

I am told that it will be a while longer before Tiggy and I meet without the screen door. Themselves put Tiggy in her carrier to bring her out of the room so we could swap spaces for a little while (I'd go to the bedroom and she would have the rest of the place); but she hides under the bed when she sees the carrier, so we feel that she is not ready yet. We are on the road to a happy family without screen doors, but we know there are most likely many more months before we get there!

There are bigger improvements a-foot - so should I say, a-paw? Tiggy has much more confidence. I have gained more trust in Themselves (they really are quite nice, you know) and am even friendly to house guests. And best of all, we can now make ourselves understood to Herself because she has learned cat language. She is becoming tri-lingual: tail, eyes and ears. Thank you for those cat communication resources.

Yours, Nala

Dear Nala,

As always, I'm thrilled when cats like Tiggy and yourself are making progress. Doesn't it make a difference when your human servants learn proper cat language? At least that way, they don't misunderstand your intent.

Don't fret about how long it will take Tiggy and you to really get together. With both of your histories, it make take a while but you ARE on the right track. I know of some cats who seem to take ages to get the courage to leave their safe places and then, all of a sudden, they just do it. Readiness really does vary with the individual.

However I have a question: Was Tiggy always carrier-shy or just now? The reason for asking is simply this: She may just be leery of the carrier rather than of being taken out of the bedroom. If you could answer this question for me, then purrhaps I could offer some further advice.

In any event, keep up the good work!

Yours, Greyce

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