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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playtime: Suzi's Series 3

Dear Greyce, After reading your article, Only on My Terms, Herself came home with a big fishing pole toy. She put everyone else in the bedroom and started playing with me, just like the article said. The main thing I liked about the fishing pole was that it enticed me to play. I wasn’t so thrilled with the toy itself (maybe because I prefurr soft balls that make no sound – sounds scare me). But after our interactive play session, I started running with Koko or climbing up and down the vertical cupboards; and I spent more time on the ground (rather than perched above the kitchen cupboards). And that was great!

Now let me tell you what happened when Herself let the others join in. Rijko just went crazy. So did Sissi. They love the fishing pole toy!

Dear Suzi, You are right. The fishing pole toy is not for every cat. But I’m glad it encouraged you to be more active because activity and stimulation are necessary for us cats. We are intelligent predators and need to have the chance to use our special senses and brains. And interesting toys, play sessions, etc. are ways to do this.

Suzi, you may prefer the fishing pole toy if Herself moves it along the floor, very slowly – rather than waving it through the air.

Rijko and Sissi obviously enjoy the fishing pole toy. I hope Herself will be able to give them regular play sessions with it.

Make sure she remembers to put the toy away after they are finished. We cats are attracted to strings and could easily get tangled in them (or try to bite and swallow them) if we are not supervised when using them. Also keeping such toys out of sight keeps us from getting bored with them.

Do let me know what Koko and Jack like to play with, because I’d like them to have some play sessions as well. A good workout will help everyone release the tensions of group living. And each of you may have different ideas of what a good workout is.

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