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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Smooshie's Success

Somedays it is absolutely wonderful to be a cat advisor. For example, I've received a lovely note from Smooshie. You may recall she was having problems using her litterbox -- even though she was in it at the time, her waste would travel outside the box! (See entry: Stand and Deliver from October 29,2009) She wrote:

I've had a change of medication (no more sore joints thank you very much) AND a change of litterbox. I've been peeing with more comfort because Himself took your advice and made me a high-sided box just like the one you showed on your blog.  There's lots of room in the box to position myself. I no longer feel confined like I was in my previous, smaller boxes. I'm squatting down when I enter the box, with my bum facing the opening. And even though it faces that way, I don't pee outside the box!

Well Smooshie, all I can say is Congratulations and you DO look wonderful -- thank you for the photo. This is such wonderful news that I'd like to throw a catnip party!

The way you position yourself made me ponder about a possible improvement to the high-sided box -- by putting the opening on the longer-side of the box rather than the shorter one. That MIGHT induce cats like you to re-position yourself upon entry, so that you are perpendicular to the entrance. But frankly, Smooshie, that's just a guess on my part and I don't advise that you try it at this point. After all, as Herself might say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it! And you, my dear, are doing splendidly.

Now as a result of your excellent behaviour, I assume that some very special gifts will come your way during the holiday season. Don't hesitate to direct your slaves to the choice(s) you most favour. I will be listing some of my choices in an upcoming entry -- watch for it!

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