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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cat Attract - Important Information

Dear Readers,

The unfortunate has happened and all because I was indulging in catnip as I was blogging. It makes my pupils enlarge and I find it difficult to focus. And so I didn't read all the print on the package of Cat Attract Litter Additive before I made my recommendations (see my blog entries: Turned Off the Box AND Good Habits Gone Bad). I forgot to mention that this litter additive should ONLY BY USED WITH UNSCENTED, CLUMPING LITTER. Please do not use it with any of the following litters: paper, wheat, corn, pine, cedar, OR any litter -- even clumping -- that has baking soda added to it. (I am going to add this to those entries so they are up to date.)

It just goes to show that even purrfect cats can make mistakes. (Actually, I would prefurr to blame my secretary!)

I vow now, never to indulge in catnip before preparing a blog entry!

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